Powered by Notion and Next.js


Hello everyone, this is my blogpost "Powered by Notion and Next.js"!

It's written in Notion and pre-rendered on this page using Next.js getInitialProps. It also uses Incremental Static Generation with the validate option so the content updates when the source is edited.

🪄 How does it work?

  1. Write blogpost in Notion
  2. Use Notions public API
  3. Profit!

Now I'm just writing placeholder content to try out the different blocks available. How about a link, bold text, ~~strikethrough text,~~ italic text and code? Colored text?

🎉 Source code

Get the source code at my github repo:

🤔 What about a fancy table block?

Copy of Test table

The notion API only supports a couple of basic text-like blocks as specified in their documentation

Supported blocks:

Heading 1

Heading 2

Heading 3


  • bulleted list 1
  • bulleted list 2
  • bulleted list 3
  1. numbered list 1
  2. numbered list 2
  3. numbered list 3
  • [ ] Buy milk
  • [x] Make a Next.js Notion blog
What is this?

It's the children of a toggle!

A simple quote block

export const getDatabase = async (databaseId) => {
const response = await notion.databases.query({
database_id: databaseId,
return response.results;



This is a sub-page

External Image

Notion-hosted image


To edit a block change the renderBlock function in [id].js